Come to my talk on TDD with

I will be presenting at the .NET User Group of Latvia on the topics of unit testing, test driven development and the unit testing framework. Details on the event can be found at the User Group homepage, and on the Latvian Developers Network LinkedIn page.

The presentation will include a mix of Test Driven Development and topics, including:

  1. What is
    • The motivation behind
    • How it compares to other popular unit testing frameworks
    • Lessons learned from nUnit
  2. Basic usage, Visual Studio workflow integration
  3. Introduction to Test Driven Development
    • Red-Green-Refactor cycle
    • Unit testing principles
  4. Advanced features.

I will be presenting after my colleague Dace Zari┼ća, who will be giving a talk about QUnit - a JavaScript unit testing framework. It promises to be a great oppertunity to learn more about unit testing. Please come along - it should be good fun!

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